Package com.tonbeller.jpivot.olap.navi

Defines navigations (query transformations).


Interface Summary
CalcMember erzeugt ein berechnetes Element
CellProperties denotes that the model supports cell properties for alerting.
ChangeSlicer allows to place selected members on the slicer axis.
DrillExpandMember allows to expand / collapse members on an axis.
DrillExpandPosition allows to expand / collapse members on an axis.
DrillReplace Substitues the members of a hierarchy with the children of a member.
ExpressionParser serialisiert expr.
MdxQuery Lets the user view and modify the mdx
MemberDeleter allows the user to delete calculated members from the query
MemberProperties retrieves the description of the available member properties
MemberTree exposes parent/child relationship between members.
NonEmpty suppresses the display of empty rows/columns on an axis.
PageInfo Describes a page
PlaceHierarchiesOnAxes Allows to place hierarchies on the visible query axes.
PlaceMembersOnAxes allows to place a set of members on a visible query axis.
ResetQuery resets the query to its initial state.
SetParameter sets a parameter of the MDX Query
SortRank Allows sorting and ranking

Class Summary

Exception Summary
MemberTree.TooManyMembersException thrown if too many member would be returned

Package com.tonbeller.jpivot.olap.navi Description

Defines navigations (query transformations).


The navigations (transformations of the underlying query) are broken into several interfaces, approx. one per use case. Navigations are optional extensions of the core OlapModel.

Calculated Members

Calculated Members are created from Templates. A template describes a predefined formula for calculated members. The formula may contain parameters that have to be replaced with concrete values when a CalcMember member is created from the template.

Example: a template defines the formula 100 * (A - B) / A where A and B are parameters of type Measure. To create a concrete CalcMember the parameters of the template will be replaced by the values the user specified, for example 100 * ([Measures].[Revenue] - [Measures].[Cost]) / [Measures].[Revenue].

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