Package com.tonbeller.jpivot.core

Defines core interfaces and classes.


Interface Summary
Extension An optional extension to a model
Model A Model provides core functionality.
ModelChangeListener Created on 14.10.2002

Class Summary
ExtensionSupport Default implementation of an Extension
ModelChangeEvent informs a listener that the model has changed
ModelFactory creates a model instance from an xml description.
ModelFactory.ModelHolder not for external use.
ModelSupport Default implementation of a model

Package com.tonbeller.jpivot.core Description

Defines core interfaces and classes.


A Model provides the minimum functionality that is required for the application to work. A Extension is an extension to a model that provides additional, optional functionality. A Model may be queried if it supports a specific Extension. This also supports to follow the Interface Segregation Principle

In JPivot an OLAP result is a Model because its functionality is required to display a table or chart. Navigations are optional Extensions hat may be supported by some OLAP server but not necessary by all of them.

Class Diagram

Support Classes

ModelFactory, ModelSupport and ExtensionSupport are default implementations that may be used to derive from.