Class MondrianMemberProperties

  extended by com.tonbeller.jpivot.core.ExtensionSupport
      extended by com.tonbeller.jpivot.mondrian.MondrianMemberProperties
All Implemented Interfaces:
Extension, MemberProperties

public class MondrianMemberProperties
extends ExtensionSupport
implements MemberProperties

get member properties from Mondrian

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 MemberPropertyMeta[] getMemberPropertyMetas(Level level)
 java.lang.String getPropertyScope(Member m)
          returns a string scope that represents the scope of Member m.
 boolean isLevelScope()
          Properties are either Level scope or Dimension scope.
 void setVisibleProperties(MemberPropertyMeta[] props)
          sets the visible properties.
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Constructor Detail


public MondrianMemberProperties()
Method Detail


public MemberPropertyMeta[] getMemberPropertyMetas(Level level)
Specified by:
getMemberPropertyMetas in interface MemberProperties


public boolean isLevelScope()
Description copied from interface: MemberProperties
Properties are either Level scope or Dimension scope. Properties are unique within their scope. If scope is level, then properties with same name in different levels are treated as different Properties. If false, the scope will be Dimension.

Specified by:
isLevelScope in interface MemberProperties


public java.lang.String getPropertyScope(Member m)
Description copied from interface: MemberProperties
returns a string scope that represents the scope of Member m. The returned String scope ensures that scope.equals(MemberPropertyMeta.getScope()) is true if the property belongs to member m.

Specified by:
getPropertyScope in interface MemberProperties


public void setVisibleProperties(MemberPropertyMeta[] props)
sets the visible properties. Optimizing implementations of PropertyHolder may only return these properties.

Specified by:
setVisibleProperties in interface MemberProperties
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