Interface Decorator

All Known Subinterfaces:
Axis, Cell, Dimension, Hierarchy, Level, MDXMember, Member, Position, Property, Result
All Known Implementing Classes:
AxisImpl, CellBase, CellImpl, DimensionImpl, HierarchyImpl, LevelAxisDecorator, LevelImpl, MemberImpl, MondrianAxis, MondrianCell, MondrianDimension, MondrianHierarchy, MondrianLevel, MondrianMember, MondrianMember.MondrianProp, MondrianPosition, MondrianResult, PositionBase, PositionImpl, PropertyImpl, ProtozoanOlapModel, ResultBase, ResultImpl, ScalarOlapModel, TestAxis, TestDimension, TestHierarchy, TestLevel, TestMember, TestPosition, XMLA_Axis, XMLA_Cell, XMLA_Dimension, XMLA_Hierarchy, XMLA_Level, XMLA_Member, XMLA_Position, XMLA_Result

public interface Decorator

provides access to the decorated object


Method Summary
 java.lang.Object getRootDecoree()
          returns the object that has been created by the olap server.

Method Detail


java.lang.Object getRootDecoree()
returns the object that has been created by the olap server. If this is part of a decorator chain, unwinds the chain and returns the root of all decorators.