Package com.tonbeller.jpivot.xmla

Class Summary
SoapUtil static SOAP utility methods
XMLA_Axis Result Axis XMLA
XMLA_Cell Cell Implementation for XMLA
XMLA_ChangeSlicer change slicer extension
XMLA_Dimension XMLA Dimension
XMLA_DrillThroughTableModel A wcf table model for drill through data, requires an sql query and connection information to be set.
XMLA_Hierarchy Hierarchy for XMLA
XMLA_Level Level Implementation for XMLA
XMLA_MdxQuery set user defined MDX Query String
XMLA_Member Member Implementation for XMLA
XMLA_MemberProp a member property in xmla
XMLA_MemberProperties retrieve member properties
XMLA_MemberTree Member Tree Implementation vor XMLA
XMLA_Memento Java Bean object to hold the state of an XMLA MDX session.
XMLA_Model Model for XMLA
XMLA_NonEmpty Non Empty extension
XMLA_OlapItem XMLA Olap Item
XMLA_OlapModelTag JSP tag for XMLA Olap Model
XMLA_PlaceHierarchies XMLA Place Hierarchies
XMLA_Position XMLA Position
XMLA_PropValAssign Bean assign a property values to binary coded integers
XMLA_PropValAssign.ValAssign Bean - assigned property value
XMLA_Quax Quax implementation for XMLA
XMLA_QuaxUti Utility Functions for Quax
XMLA_QueryAdapter XMLA Adapter to MDX Query
XMLA_Result Query Result XMLA
XMLA_SOAP Handling XMLA SOAP calls
XMLA_SortRank SortRank Implementation XMLA
XMLA_SwapAxes swap axes extension
XMLA_Util static XMLA Utils