Package com.tonbeller.jpivot.table.navi

Class Summary
AxisStyleUI Created on 06.12.2002
ClickableMemberSupport clickable that invokes a RequestListener instead of following an URL
ClickableMemberTag allows to click on a member in the table and pass the member as parameter to another jsp page
DrillExpandMemberUI Created on 29.11.2002
DrillExpandPositionUI Created on 29.11.2002
DrillExpandUI adds expand-node, collapse-node functionality.
DrillReplaceUI Created on 03.12.2002
DynamicClickableMember a clickable member with query scope.
NonEmptyUI show/hide non empty rows/columns.
ResetQueryUI Created on 06.12.2002
SortRankUI Sort Buttons
StaticClickableMember wraps a ClickableMemberSupport into a SpanBuilderDecorator, so the clickable member may be attached statically to the table component.
SwapAxesUI swaps table axes.
UrlClickableMember creates a hyperlink in the table with a specified url.