Package com.tonbeller.jpivot.table.span

Interface Summary
PropertyConfig defines which properties shall be visible and which shall be hidden
SpanHeaderFactory creates a "header" span from a "member" span.
SpanVisitor Visitor for Span.getObject()

Class Summary
HierarchyHeaderFactory returns a new span containing the hierarchy of the given span.
LevelHeaderFactory returns a new span containing the level of the given span.
NoSpanConfig Created on 29.10.2002
PropertySpanBuilder adds Span elements to a SpanCalc containing Member Properties.
PropertyUtils Handles nested Properties.
ScopedPropertyMetaSet A MemberPropertyMeta Set implementation that supports different scopes (Level and Hierarchy).
Span contains info about one cell of an table axis.
SpanCalc Calculates table spans for an axis.
SpanConfigSupport Created on 29.10.2002