Package com.tonbeller.jpivot.tags

Tags for and implementation of a Query Stack.


Interface Summary
StateLogger methods will be called before the action on the state is performed.
StateManager Manages state of JSPs.
StateManager.State lifecycle: initialize() -> show() -> hide() -> ... -> show() -> hide() -> destroy()

Class Summary
ChooseQueryTag If you have multiple queries in the session with different queryName attribute, this tag chooses the visible one.
DestroyQueryTag destroys all instances stored with this id
MondrianModelFactory creates a MondrianModel from config.xml
MondrianOlapModelTag jsp tag that defines a mondrian query
OlapModelProxy proxy for OlapModel.
OlapModelTag places a table model into the session
ScalarOlapModelTag jsp tag that defines a scalar query
StackStateManager A Stack of states (name/value pairs).

Package com.tonbeller.jpivot.tags Description

Tags for and implementation of a Query Stack.

The PageStateManager allows to have multiple queries alive and switch between them. All queries use the same session attribute name, e.g. "query01" - so they can be viewed with the same jsp.

Example: the user starts with query A, then he displays one of the B queries. After that, she can go back and see the query A in the state as it was when B was started. Also when returning from B back to A, what happens to B depends on the "stackMode":